Leap Of Face Review by Lucas H. Gordon
(English translation - Special thanks to Inky)

What I interpret from listening to Graham Greene in his first song "The Inaccurate Conception" is that Graham got up one day and said, "Today Iím going to play better than Satriani and Vai put together. Iím going to put all the same passion that they put into the guitar and itís going to be called "Leap of Face," and may God pardon all those who arenít able to hear it, because itís going to blow peopleís minds!!

Just as it blows my mind.

Graham is a virtuoso of the 6 and 7 strings. Need I clarify that Iím an ex-fanatic of instrumental CDís? "Leap of Face" helps me forget my past of not admiring musicians who donít add voice to their songs, simply because itís a disc full of bite, passion, virtuosity, good taste, and he even gifts us a little song sung by Donna Greene (his wife, I imagine).

We must all agree that in this album, Graham doesnít just interpret the guitar, but each and every instrument. That doesnít just make him a virtuoso; it makes him a multi-instrument player.
An Australian, he has shared the stage with Bon Jovi, Meatloaf and Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Rothís drummer and Steve Vaiís band member), in addition to winning the West Australian Award for best guitarist.   Returning to his third recording, "Leap of Face" contains 13 songs of which I place greatest emphasis on "The Vowels of the Earth, "Ravenís Eye pt.1," and "Fire in Your Liberty" which was sung by Donna. In many of his passages, I am reminded of such sports programs as skiing, snowboarding, and surfing, which tend to address these types of themes in depth. I am not at all surprised to find such good musical quality from The Land Down Under. Graham Greene is living proof that Hard Rock Metal has an incredible talent down under! Hopefully those who read this get the chance to see with their own eyes Graham playing live, or at least enjoy his magnificent album.

For more information, visit www.grahamgreene.com.au

Lucas H. Gordon
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