EarBuzz.com - Review of Resonance (Spirit of Man)
©September 2008

'Occasionally you come across an album that is difficult to quantify. Such is the case with the Resonance Project's Spirit of Man. This collaboration sounds like a soaring, atmospheric-rock side project of Jefferson Airplane. Not to say the sound is dated by any means, rather pointing to the vocal styling; which is at the heart of the record, and reminiscent of Grace Slick's early work. 'Eternity' begins as a mellow, Mojave-3/Zero-7 type of work. The music escalates into cascading guitar riffs and gorgeous, dreamy vocals. 'Fire in Your Liberty' continues the journey, adding edgier strings and an incremental, catchy chorus (more rock-like than the first cut). 'Home' feels like the musical peak of the album. The lead vocals joined by back-ups and an extended guitar solo. The title cut, 'Resonance' strikes a more aggressive tone. The overall sound is more akin to a Heart track, as it builds the vocals widen and tower over the music. The artists on the Resonance Project sequenced the record perfectly. The tracks play as a continuous sonic story-board, with their sheer musical talent as the narrator. Perhaps phrases like progressive rock suit this album, but classifying it only detracts from the message.