"...My favourite track on this album is also the darkest: “Through The Dark” is an instrumental masterpiece, filled with sadness, sorrow, and deep shadows, but with a flicker of hope and warmth within. Greene’s guitar work is breathtaking here: tender and soft, and loaded with so much emotion that it actually brings me to tears when I listen to it. I’d rank it as one of Greene’s best tracks, ever."
- Maria Haskins, Real Rock And Roll (from her review of Down Devils Road)


"...If you love instrumental rock by the likes of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai with a little Steve Morse and Vinny Moore rubbed into the meat then check out Graham Greene – it’s great to know we have someone of World Class right on our doorstep. Mr. Greene should be very proud of this album, we’re certainly grateful he sent it this way."
- Mark Diggins from The Rockpit, on Down Devils Road


"Jac Dalton's 'Icarus' is a fierce, no quarter crusade of balls-to-the-wall, no-holds-barred classic rock music that engages the listener with a sonic safari of badass attitude mixed with a decidedly modern shape and color. A MUST HAVE for all serious head bangers and bangesses looking for a vacation from the mundane "wimp rock" we've unfortunately come to expect. Graham Greene's searing guitar work is a modern version of AC/DC-ish flair and flurry that is both inescapable but warmly user-friendly that lures the unsuspecting into the slaughterhouse like a bait. As a result, one comes away with an entertaining snapshot of Hair Metal music, as told by a modern sage. It's good to rock out again, huh?"
- John Hampton
Ardent Studios, Memphis TN
Four-time Grammy Award winner


"To say Graham Greene knows his way around a fretboard is quite the understatement – the boy can play!"
- Shane Pinnegar

"Icarus is a fresh breeze - or should I say Thunder Storm! Jac Dalton, along with the guitar artistry of Western Australia's Graham Greene, has penned an album of rockn' songs that express with passion the heart of this U.S. born bonecruncher!  Look Out!"
- David Moyse, Air Supply 
"Graham, you da man with the 6 string. Steve Stevens meets Eric Johnson meets Gibbons meets ....GRAHAM!"
- John Hampton, Ardent Studios
"Graham Greene is a magician who brings sounds out of a guitar that even Les Paul couldn't have conceived of when he was dreaming up the electric guitar.  A true Rock God, with 'Impressive Hair'!"
- Nana Mex, Global Thunda Network
Impressive Hair
"This song takes me back! With a Vai-like feel, I'm instantly catapulted back to 1988 all over again! All of the elements of the old metal "Hair" style are there...riding along like a speeding car with the radio cranked blasting Winger! You just can't help but headbang to this killer instrumental and whip out the Aquanet!"
-Rob S. (DJ SpeedKing)
The WAKE UP DEAD Morning Show
"Perth's answer to Steve Vai"
"The Satriani of the South"
"A certified Rock God"
- Australian Guitar Magazine
"It never ceases to amaze me that like so many world class bands and musicians, Graham has yet to step on stages outside of his own country. Promoters should take their own leap of face and correct this situation."
- Jem Jedrzejewski,  The Hairless Heart Herald. (UK)
"6 and 7 string masterful playing with tunes in styles ranging from hard rock to nu-metal, neo-classical and Eastern and Western Grooves."
- FretTunes.com on the Leap Of Face album


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