Wegen Pick Review

Wegen Pick Review
Graham Greene
March 2007

When someone hands you a guitar pick that retails for over $20.00, you are going to have some questions. Questions like; “what makes it so special?” and, “what makes it worth over twenty bucks?” not to mention “okay then - what does it do for my playing?” I’m not sure I have exact answers for any of those questions, but I do know that the Wegenpick has surprised me, and I now have quite a few in my possession that I use exclusively.

The Wegenpick I tried out and now use - the TonePick (see pic at right) - has some very interesting properties, not the least of which is the material it is made out of. While extremely rigid, it (the pick material) acts as its own dry lubricant, allowing the pick to glide over the strings while still giving sharp and even attack on every note. All pick articulations (squeals, rakes, pick-edge hammer-ons, etc.) seem to be enhanced and easier to play with the TonePick, while the pick itself takes next to no damage from this rough use. The edges of my pick have

Wegen TonePick not burred or grown uneven after two weeks of solid playing - a constant problem for normal picks, which usually get rough and catch on the strings after a few good pick rakes.
Accuracy is enhanced with the Wegenpick as well, due to both the pick’s material and the clever design of the beveled pick tip and very effective contoured finger grip.

The Wegenpick is effortless to use and get used to, even given its greater-than-normal thickness. I also tried a Wegen Twins 2.5 pick, which was thicker still, but had a surprisingly gentle string attack, which I found ideal for acoustic guitar and electric bass playing.

After starting out with a healthy amount of skepticism, I am now totally impressed with this unexpected, diminutive but welcome addition to my equipment arsenal!



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